My experience with Prophetess Phyllis was truly phenomenal. I had two disturbing dreams back to back with no way of figuring them out.  I was informed to contact Prophetess Phyllis because I was told she was gifted and anointed in interpreting dreams.  


So, I scheduled an appointment with her a few days later.  On the day of our call, I was excited yet nervous because the person who told me to contact Prophetess Phyllis was solid and gifted herself, so I knew then Prophetess Phyllis was the real deal even before our interaction.  So, the time had come for us to talk and if I tell you, my experience was truly amazing.  


Prophetess Phyllis not only interpreted my dreams; however, she precisely correlated every detail with my life before, then, and even now.  I was thoroughly enlightened, blessed, and full of blessed tears.  God used her to strengthen me in a way she couldn't have imagine at the time. And for that, I am especially grateful for Prophetess Phyllis, and highly encourage all to take part in the "Experience with Prophetess Phyllis"!!!

Min. Shalanda Norman/ Dallas, TX

I have been Blessed beyond measure since I have been speaking with Phyllis. Her counsel has been invaluable to me and my life has improved dramatically.  She has improved all areas of my life; especially with  my relationship, job, finances and parenting.  She helped me achieve goals that I didn't think of.  She is easy to speak to, has a positive demeanor, and a great sense of humor.  She  is consistent, candid, and holds you accountable for actions that fall outside of her counsel. However, she does get you back on the right path.  She is an excellent mentor and I am indebted to her.

R. Brown / NY

I’ve been searching for a dream interpreter for some time until I met Phyllis. I often have vivid dreams that are not always clear in meaning. I dreamt of growing a beard with thorns on my face and I am a woman. I told Phyllis my dream, and I was amazed at her interpretation. I would not have expected the meaning of becoming more visible in the world, which I had struggled with.  I know it was time to market myself and business to the world, but that was something that I had struggled with. She also encouraged me to step up and out into the world because many are waiting for me and my services.

Thank you, Phyllis!

K. Morgan /GA

Thank you for the many great changes that you have brought into my life. Because God has used you to help guide, lead, and bring me knowledge and wisdom, I have a better understanding with my family and with people in general. I have a new home, a new car, and I am in a better financial position. Thank you for your continuous blessings!

7 weeks...I'll say it again, 7 weeks being exposed, broken down, told about all my little hidden secrets, crying, laughing, and all of this during P.W.B.C. (Boot Camp)!

Learning and reading the Bible from a prophetic point of view is mind blowing! I look at prayer differently as well. When I say being a client of Prophetess Phyllis Whitley has changed my life, it's not a joke. I can't believe how much I've grown since being under her leadership. She's not only my Prophetic teacher. Phyllis is also my counselor, my mentor, and my holistic advisor. She is truly a powerful woman used by God.

I can say as a woman who had no voice in this world, had no love for myself, under the guidance of Prophetess Phyllis being used by God...

I am now becoming the DIAMOND God wants me to be!

P. Word / VA

Thank you for helping and guiding me in the right direction. My life has flourished. I didn't think I was going to be in grad school. I have completely given up and you helped me to understand that giving up was not an option. Now, I am currently in my Master’s program for which I received a letter congratulating me on my achievements and for entering the Counseling Honor Society. Thank you so much again!

I really appreciate it.

Naaja, NJ

Ms. P 's light of guidance helped my son to overcome obstacles & understand what leadership is.  Ms. P was able to see through spiritual doors helping my daughter to graduate with her class. With her strong wisdom she has taught me how to self love and recognize what becoming a queen really is.  Without her guiding light we would not have been the same without her. Victory is mine!!

Jaye MB, GA

Andrea Wellons, VA

I don't know where to actually begin as it pertains to my relationship with Ms. P as I call her. I came into contact with Ms. P in 2018 at a very tumultuous time in my life. Ms. P helped me work through various issues over time and I am glad to share that I am in a much better place, because of her. She helped me realize my self worth and aided in me taking my power back in several situations. Ms. P has never steered me wrong and is truly prophetic and clairvoyant. I not only consider her my counselor, but a true confidante; who has my best interest at heart at every turn.

Kendra, GA