Self Whisper is an online holistic wellness service that provides natural inner healing by changing your whisper within through prophetic counseling/coaching and natural customized products for three proven successful approaches. 

  1. Spiritual Foundation = Using God's Word, working with biblical laws ,proverbs & psalms of meditation.

  2. ​Prophetic View  = Divine Guidance & discernment

  3. Holistic Underline = Healing your body, mind and spirit the natural way.

QCC - Queen Conscious Therapy

45-minute 1-to-1 session or 60-minute group session counseling on letting go any of the 7 relationship hurts.

Prophetic Purging & Manifestation Meditation

45 minutes of emergency

7-day powerful conscious cleanse combined with meditation and self-purging.

Dream Interpretation Therapy

Your dreams are an email from God that I can reveal to you from a Prophetic view in a 30 minute meeting.

PWBC Prophetic Whisper  Boot Camp

Is God calling you to be a Prophet? Or perhaps, you need to enhance your prophetic gifts? This 12-week training will target your different gifts of prophecy, godly spiritual protocol, prophetic wisdom, biblical truths, and revelations.

Prophetic View Q/A

Need a consultation? Answers to your life questions from a prophetic view.

7 Step Ladder To Entrepreneurship 


you are ready

to go into your own business

but don't know where to start, I offer 7 proven successful tools to help get you jump started.

PPW Prophetic Prayer Warriors

Intercessory prayer morning, noon, and night. Prerequisite: must pray in the heavenly language. Training available upon request.

Stop dieting and fall in love with your body by choosing a lifestyle change. I work with your body, mind, and spirit for a regimen you can incorporate into your daily life.

Holistic Healthy Lifestyle
First Lady's Whisper Therapy

What Happens when hell hits the Pastor's house? and his wife has no one to trust...

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