To educate and empower women to fall in love with self (within) resulting in a queen consciousness mindset that will manifest victorious holistic relationships (outward) causing a contagiously unique, purpose-filled, prosperous life.


"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prosper" 

 (3 John 2)

Self Whisper is an online holistic wellness service that provides natural inner healing by changing your whisper within through prophetic consulting/mentoring and natural customized products for three proven successful approaches. 

  1. Spiritual Foundation = Using God's Word, working with biblical laws ,proverbs & psalms of meditation.

  2. ​Prophetic View  = Divine Guidance & discernment

  3. Holistic Underline = Healing your body, mind and spirit the natural way.


45 minute coaching/counseling session to awaken a royal consciousness within for great manifestation on your outer world relationships. Includes dream Analysis 


15 minute updates  after an initial  consultation service

Training to target your different prophetic gifts while learning about Godly spiritual protocols, prophetic knowledge/wisdom, biblical truths and revelations.

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All-in-One, emergency 7 days of powerful conscious cleansing combined with meditation, prophecy and self-purging.