***Special Request ONLY***


It's time to change your atmosphere to fit your unique meditation, prayer, or massages.


ESSENTIAL OILS   = Cruelty free 100% therapeutic grade mingled with all natural carrier oils & elegant personalized paraben-free fragrant is great for aromatherapy, prayer, yoga meditation, diffusion, fragrant oil or mixed it with your body lotion/oil and bath.  soaps are 100% pure water soluble, non-toxic, vegetable base mingled natural color & fragrant oils can replace your regular commercial body soap  for your very own customized silky smooth soap that fits your ideal use.


  • 10mL bottle

    "I make no promises, claims or cure of anything, but with faith we both can agree and use the oil as a wonderful point of contact that will usher in victorious energy back to you."

    (Not recommended for infants and young children)